Anne Stefanski, Birth Doula

What Previous Clients Have to Say!

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From Megan & Dan:

Anne was an amazing resource before, during, and after the birth of our first child. She is incredibly personable and has a great sense of humor. She made several home visits before my due date and sat with both my husband and I to provide education on what to expect, pain relief/coping mechanisms, and even wrote up a birth plan.

From Kate & Joe:

Anne was an attentive, well educated, and trustworthy doula. She is prompt about returning email/texts/ calls, has a great sense of humor, and makes a pregnant lady/ new mom feel very comfortable. The cost of hiring her was well worth it and I will be contacting her for my next pregnancy. 

From Allison & Sudip:

My husband and I attended Anne's childbirth course in preparation for our October 2019 baby's arrival. We came to her because we were feeling unsure about our options for a hospital birth and we lacked confidence about the birthing process in general. Anne completely changed our outlook on our birth options by walking us patiently and thoroughly through the entire process. She's such a breath of fresh air that cuts through all of daunting information that's thrown at you about birth when you're pregnant. She gave my husband and I several useful methods for not only dealing with the pain of labor but also communicating with each other during birth in a way that is loving and supportive when it gets tough. It never felt tricky or complicated because Anne always reminds you that you're in control of your birth process and that when you're armed with knowledge and support, you can make the decisions that are best for you and your baby with confidence. I now feel like birth is something we can handle and we're walking into our hospital informed and fully prepared for any scenario! 

From Amelia and Chris:

Anne offered a full day Lamaze class which allowed time for instruction on the labor process, which included visual aids, and time for question and answer. One of the best features of her in-home visits was the ability for her to point out places in the house to lean into as contractions progressed, but before leaving for the hospital. She had many visual aids as well as ideas for what to bring to the hospital and to have at home for early labor.  I took copious notes and put them in my hospital bag for the big day. 

Anne is a natural educator who is at ease talking to future parents, and is able to draw on prior experiences and her own birthing story to strengthen others to meet labor head on.

From Lindsey and Chris:

Anne came to our home in Norwich for an in-home birth class. She taught us about the stages of labor and delivery, and all of the options we would have to deliver. She showed us how we could use the features of our home (like the stairs) to aid in my labor before we go to the hospital. Although we had already taken a birth class, my husband and I learned so much from Anne. We enjoyed the class and highly recommend her services.

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